Laaaaawd this food is amazing. So flavorful and authentic. Each bite teleports you back to Jamaica simulating you sitting next to bright blue water, breathing ocean filtered air listening to Bob Marley’s greatest hits. The shrimp and oxtail platters have me craving them EVERYDAY! #JUSTTAKEMYMONEY Quality eating at it’s finest!!!!!!! Such a hearty, flavorful and fulfilling meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? ?? ???? ?? ?????????????????? IssaVibe……..

Reggie Reg

Best new spot on the Ave, can’t wait to go back.

Andrew Valentine

I had the jerk chicken tacos and they were amazing.

Sabrina Reid

I ordered the jerk chicken tacos and the flavor profile and spice level are on point. My husband loved the beef patty and our kids devoured the coco bread, pumpkin rice and plantains. We can’t wait to order again!

Amy Maynard

Amazing authentic Caribbean food! Very friendly staff. The tacos are delicious, I would definitely recommend and will be returning soon. A great find in the Baltimore area!

T Scott

Great customer service and the food was amazing. If you’re in the Hampden area I highly recommend stopping by to try the food. The owner was very polite and we had a great experience ordering from Jerk Taco. Cant wait to try the entire menu!!


This is some honest cooking. Hearty, comforting flavor with visible fresh herbs still clinging on after what must have been one divine simmer. The rice in the plate is half way to a stew, and the sweetness from the plantains is the key for me. I go for the shrimp or the chickpeas personally. Successful as a burrito too with an added tangy brightness that differentiates it from the plate. Friendly service brings it all home.

The jerk chicken tacos are excellent. The large plate size is enough for two people and is also very good.

Order ahead and pick up.

The food has the flavor of being made with care, the chicken is tender and we’ll seasoned.

If your are looking to have something over beers / drinks this is the place you are looking for.

Dylan Margolis

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